This is a list of answers to questions that people frequently ask about private label & printing. If you can’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us by email.


How Can I place a order with WaterTalks?

You can visit our get pricing page and send in your queries or reach out to us on wil@watertalks.com

Is there a minimum requirement before placing the order?

We take order with a minimum quantity of 288 Bottles however we specialize in contract production and delivery with established brands across the globe. 

Are there any pre-production Cost?

A very minimal , one time charge of 90$ is applicable for our color process printing 

How Can I track my order?

The most convenient way is to get in touch with us through our official email and we’ll let you know delivery status 

Do you acknowledge orders?

Yes, we acknowledge all orders received via email or fax

What is your usual production time?

Most orders are produced in 3 weeks. 


We love to serve your business needs, avail 10% off when you place the order with us for the first time. 


Customized box of happiness for your business growth. Why be ordinary when you can stand out with private labeled bottles?  


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How long does delivery take post production?

The order is out for delivery immediately post production. All orders are shipped from XYZ town hence the delivery time depends on clients location 

Do we have a option of choosing our own freight company?

Yes, absolutely. You need to keep us informed by contacting our customer service representative

Do you take urgent orders? If yes, what are the charges?

We can accomodate almost all urgent orders, please get in touch for more information

Do you have drop-shipping facility available?

Yes, we would print your labels based on your requirement at once and drop-ship as requested. Please get in touch for information

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